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Local Pro Locksmith is a leading security service provider, offering expert skills, knowledge, and the professionalism of its local locksmith team to commercial clients in the GTA area. Our professionals are happy to place their considerable knowledge and expertise at your disposal. We are always very polite and efficient. Our state of the art equipment allows us to deal effectively with all client orders, and to install, repair, and maintain a very broad spectrum of security hardware. We offer commercial emergency locksmith services around the clock, as well as commercial locksmith consultations to advise you on the best security option for your property.


Some of our most common Toronto commercial locksmith services include:

  • Access Control Systems: If you need to be able to track employee access, prevent access by unauthorized visitors, restrict access on a person-by-person basis, and generate traffic reports, LocalProLocksmiths will be happy to put you in control of your business security.
  • Keyless Entry: As convenient as it is safe, this option allows you to enter your business with a keyless entry system. We carry and install coded and biometric door locks.
  • Code Compliance Consultation: The safety of employees is the foremost security concern of responsible business owners. Our professionals will examine your property and will assist with all necessary changes to bring your property into complete compliance with all fire and safety regulations.
  • Surveillance Systems: Depending on the nature of your business, you might need to track all movement and work processes in minute detail. We carry a range of CCTVs and are able to accommodate your security needs as needed.
  • Motion Sensors: Motion Sensors are a great way to protect your building and to make your employees feel safe should they work late. Very sensitive and inexpensive, they will trigger alarm at the smallest unauthorized trespassing.

LocalProLocksmith also offers lock change, lock repairs, lock re- keying, and lock installation services, automatic gate opener services, keycard systems installation and maintenance, door hardware and installation, electronic locks installation, high security locks, cabinet locks and change of safe combination.

LocalProLocksmith’s staff of certified professionals proudly offers you the best commercial locksmith service at the most competitive cost in the GTA. We are always ready to provide you with superior service and the hardware for all your business security needs.

With our help, protecting your business has never been easier. Call LocalProLockmsith at 647-203-6736for all your security solutions.

Richmond Hill Locksmith‎. Emergencies 24/7. Call (647) 203-6736 Residential & Commercial locksmith services.